Local events

Local events

All project partners will organize or participate at the local CSR event(s), where they will disseminate the project objectives, status, activities or results (depending on the phase). These local event(s) will be: workshops, seminars, round tables, participation at conferences and info corner.s The date of the events or participation will be planned in advance.


• Publishing articles in the monthly magazine "Accounting, Audit and Finance" and participation at the international conference 'Accounting and Management' (Croatia, June 2017)

• Participation at 18th International Conference "Accounting and Management" (Croatia, September 2017)
Ivan Petarčić (RRiF-plus d.o.o.): "The role of VAT on Corporate Social Responsibility in Croatia"


• Participation at Annual conference 'Corporate Social Responsibilty' organized by the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (Croatia, December 2016)
Jasenka Begić (IDOP): "The Culture of Food Donation: The impact of legislative framework on corporate social responsibility."

Annual Croatian Controlling conference, May 2017
Nikolina Markota Vukić, PhD (IDOP): The role of non-financial reporting in CSR

• Participation at 18th International Conference "Accounting and Management" (Croatia, September 2017)
Nikolina Markota Vukić, PhD (IDOP): "Non-financial reporting a new trend in sustainability accounting"


• 16th ABIS Annual Colloquium: Business-Academic Collaboration on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Long-Term Success (Belgium, November 2017)

• ABIS Knowledge Into Action Forum 2018 (Belgium, March 2018)

• webinar Business Models for Sustainability (June, 2017)

• webinar The International dimension of corporate responsibility: Insights and Opportunities (July, 2017)



Annual CSR conference: Corporate Social Responsibility and Challenges of Digitalisation, (Slovenia, May 2017)

• Days of social responsibility 2017 (Slovenia, December 2017)


Slovak Compliance Days (Slovakia, November 2016)

• Seminar on Corporate Volunteering and its benefits (Slovakia, March 2017)

• Slovakian Diversity Charter Initiative (Slovakia, May 2017)
CEE CSR Summit (Slovakia, November 2017)
• semester course "CSR in practice" (coorganized with BLF and University of Economics in Bratislava)



• Smaller-size events on CSRfor Masters and PhD students of Steinbeis University Berlin, Institute Corporate Responsibility Management during seminars:

- Corporate Ethics Management

- Environmental Sustainability

- Corporate Responsibility Management

- CSR Communication

- Leadership and Human Rights



• Smaller-size events on CSR for PhD students of LUM Jean Monnet University during the lessons:

- Strategy & Theory of the Firm (prof. Garzoni)

- Networks & Institutional Theory (prof. Massari)

- Green finance (prof. Salvi)

- Public Management and Sustainability (prof. Esposito)

- Environmental management & Innovation (prof. Russo)

- Green Marketing (prof. Morrone)

• Seminars for students from all Apulian universities:

- Corporate Sustainability and Value Creation: a Multidisciplinary Approach (Italy, February 2017)

- From value-driven marketing to corporate shared value (Italy, March 2017)

- The art of sustainability meeting (Italy, March 2017)



• Economic Independence for You and Your Community - a local networking event where small business owners completed a series of activities for the exchange of best practices in the field Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation (United Kingdom, September 2017)

• Non-Financial Reporting Workshop - students and business owners were introduced to non-financial reporting and the surrounding UK legislation (United Kingdom, February 2018)