Processing of used materials: Variations of recycling

Processing of used materials: Variations of recycling

When it comes to the issue of sustainable development, many terms are often used in everyday discourse, even thought they are misunderstood at times. Some of those terms are related to the questions of recycling.

Below you can find the correct explanations of those terms:

Recycling: practice of reusing items that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

Variations of recycling:

Upcycling – involves adding value to an item for reuse.

Downcycling – involves breaking down an item or substance into its component elements to reuse anything that can be salvaged.

Precycling – involves avoiding acquisition of unnecessary items that would eventually have to be recycled or dealt with as waste.

E-cycling – practice of reusing, or distributing for reuse, electronic equipment and components rather than discarding them at the end of their life cycle.

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