EU Ecolabel celebrates 25 years of life!

EU Ecolabel celebrates 25 years of life!

The EU ecolabel is a European Ecolabel certification tool designed to highlight the reduced environmental impact that characterizes the product's production chain and its subsequent life cycle phases. It was set up by the European Union in 1992 by Regulation No 880/92 and subsequently governed by European Commission Regulation No 66/2010 in force with all member countries and countries belonging to the European Economic Area.

The environmental performance of EU-branded products is analysed through the study of environmental impacts occurring throughout the product life cycle and on the basis of characteristics such as average duration and reuse or recycling, and this mark highlights the presence of important criteria relating to the health and safety of consumers.

2017 is a very important year for this brand since it has proven its presence on the market for 25 years. For such an important anniversary, the ARPA (Regional Environmental Agency), ISPRA (the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), in addition to other agencies and the European Commission itself, have organized various brand awareness and promotion events in different Italian regions at different times, including in the range from May to October of this year.

Some of the events have been organized by the cities of Trento, Turin and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

In particular, the conference titled "Towards Sustainable Tourism: The New Ecolabel EU Criteria for Accommodation Facilities" took place at the Palazzo delle Albere in the city of Trento on 29 September 2017.

In addition, from 21 to 22 October at the "Museo A come ambiente" in the city of Turin, every European citizen who carries an EU Ecolabel product could get ticket at a discounted price.

Also, throughout the month of October in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, training courses will be devoted to the dissemination of knowledge of the EU Ecolabel, the benefits of the Ecolabel and how to obtain the brand.


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Author: Giulia Netti (LUM University)