Companies with top CSR reputation in 2017

Companies with top CSR reputation in 2017

CSR strategies are becoming more and more relevant for overall reputation of a company. There is no doubt that successful CSR implementation builds a strong benefit for the image and thus the excellence and prosperity of a company. Forbes Magazine has published a list of global companies leading in their CSR reputation in 2017. The study tracked social responsibility reputation based on the analysis of 170,000 company ratings from respondents in 15 countries. Consumers answered questions on companies’ governance, positive influence on society, treatment of employees, environmental protection and so on. The list shows that leading companies can be good promoters and role models for others to build their CSR strategies as well as to strive to adapt their business for the benefit of the society and the environment. Which companies had the best CSR reputation in 2017?

1. Lego

2. Microsoft

3. Google

4. Walt Disney Company

5. BMW Group

Why are these companies considered the most socially responsible? What about of the rest in the top 10? Which companies have dropped on the list compared to last year? Click here to found out!


Author: Global Impact Grid