“CSR Made in Germany” Label

“CSR Made in Germany” Label

A project of Initiative Deutschlandsiegel aims to introduce a sustainability CSR label for products made in Germany that reflects high quality and CSR standards in production.

The initiative has gathered more than 60 well-known companies that have registered a total of 156 products under the certificate label. The distinctive CSR mark adds value to the products and their symbolic message to already respected trade mark that goes with "Made in Germany" - resulting in the merging of the symbol of quality combined with corporate social responsibility.

Products under this label have to be at least 55 percent manufactured in the country and comply with specific sustainability standards that are implemented in all phases of production. These include various standards in raw material extraction, emissions, energy management, packaging or disposal.

By doing so, this initiative gives rise to a role of sustainability and ethics in corporate production, and foster Germany as a country where corporate and consumer behaviour becomes even more responsible.


Author: Global Impact Grid